Girlfriend’s Day (2017) – Netflix Original Review

Girlfriend’s Day (2017), a Netflix original starring Bob Odenkirk, kicks off on a pretentious note. As it goes, the calamity seems just inevitable.

What is Girlfriend’s Day (2017) about?

Ray Wentworth (Bob Odenkirk) is introduced to us at the moment of his lifetime breakdown – he loses his job. However, an opportunity to get back on track emerges for Ray. The governor announces a new day off called Girlfriend’s Day and a competition for the best greeting card begins.

In a world, where a greeting card is a matter of life and death, the director Michael Stephenson tells a story of a burn-out copywriter.

Among redneck neo-nazis, stupendously boring associates in the greeting cards industry and half-wit Sherlock-type detective, Ray seems to be the only fraction of ordinary. Bob Odenkirk stars as a broke guy, whose life went off the rails. The actor has the right composure and quickly gains the sympathy of the audience. His charm that got him the love in Breaking Bad, is omnipresent. No matter how ridiculous his failures are, there is always light in the tunnel. Or at least we hope there is, because he deserves it.

Amber Tamblyn and Bob Odenkirk in “Girlfriend’s Day” (2017).

Bob Odenkirk does his best, yet Girlfriend’s Day (2017) itself is a pretty bad joke from Netflix.

The script, written by Eric Hoffman, Bob Odenkirk and Philip Zlotorynski, bounces like a tennis ball, back and forth between drama and comedy. However, there isn’t any focus there, and Michael Stephenson isn’t skilled enough as a director to pull off a genre mixture like that. At times, you’ll feel a Coen’s vibe from Girlfriend’s Day (2017), but similarly to another Netflix original Shimmer Lake (2017), it floats pretty far from the acclaimed brothers.

A more clear focus would actually benefit the film. The comedy spices up, but the poorly written drama dilutes the essence of Girlfriend’s Day (2017). Frankly, it never manages to bore (mainly due to fast pace and short run-time), but there is something awfully lacking, as if the story never fully unfolded.

Netflix poster of “Girlfriend’s Day”.

Netflix garners more and more attention due to its small-budget undertakings. The giant has an appetite to take its cut of the pie in the production area. But a vast majority of these small movies never jumps over the fence of passible Sunday flicks. Girlfriend’s Day (2017) is precisely that – a movie that won’t hurt too much, but on a Sunday screening with your family.

Girlfriend’s Day (2017) by Netflix – Culturally Hated or Loved?

Hated. Even Bob Odenkirk couldn’t save such an all-over-the-place film.

Girlfriend’s Day (2017)

Hate Grade: 6/10

Director: Michael Stephenson

Writers: Bob Hoffman, Bob Odenkirk, Phillip Zlotorynski

Starring: Amber Tamblyn, Bob Odenkirk

Music: Bobby Tahouri

Cinematography: Richard Wong

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