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What Does Craig Mazin Plan After Chernobyl (2019)?

Craig Mazin, the creator of the outstanding series “Chernobyl”, has an appetite for more after his show received the raving reviews all over the world.

It’s rather impossible not to hear about HBO’s groundbreaking hit “Chernobyl”. Told in only five episodes, the series follows the explosion of a nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, which took place in 1986. The main character of the show is Valeri Legasov, a Soviet engineer, who was one of the key people in the post-explosion process of liquidating the immense damages done to the area.

still from Chernobyl
Still from the episode 1 of “Chernobyl”.

Almost unanimously, the series was praised for its gruesome portrayal of the Chernobyl disaster, as well as the detailed approach toward depicting how life looked like in the Soviet Union at its brink of its own, self-made destruction.

In an interview with Decider, Craig Mazin (the creator of the wildly popular HBO & Sky show “Chernobyl”) claimed that he’s not resting his case in terms of television-making.

As the show runner said, he would be very much interested in continuing “Chernobyl” as an anthology series. Those, who watched the finale of the series, would probably find preposterous to count on a season 2, as the story is perfectly ended and needs no further development.

Adam Nagaitis in HBO's Chernobyl
Adam Nagaitis as one of the firefighters who were called to put up the reactor’s fire in Chernobyl.

But Craig Mazin wouldn’t be interested in going in the same direction. While he mentioned that HBO would probably be up for another disaster-themed season, the American screenwriter steers away from that idea. There is, however, a different aspect that really got his attention.

The disaster is not what drew me to Chernobyl. It’s the specifics of Chernobyl. If I were to continue this anthologically, probably it would be another investigation of another aspect of Soviet life because that part is something that is fascinating to me and kind of exciting to view again. (…) It helps us reimagine our own paths, too. I’m a child of the 70s and 80s and my life, in part, was shaped by the existence of a nation that doesn’t exist. I want to know more about it.

Quote from
Craig Mazin with a microphone
Craig Mazin, the show runner behind “Chernobyl”.

Chernobyl Season 2 will not happen then?

As indicated in the interview, there is no chances for anything related to “Chernobyl” directly. However, the popularity of the show and its critical reception cannot go unanswered. It’s also quite interesting to see what kind of event would Mazin like to explore in a second season, given his interest in the Soviet Union.

If you have watched “Chernobyl”, you have to read this article. You’ll find out what was true in the series, as well the facts that were altered or changed.

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