tommy wiseau big shark

Tommy Wiseau To Be Back With A Horror About Sharks Titled… BIG SHARK

Even the title tells you that Mr. Wiseau is back, stronger than ever before.

Tommy Wiseau has fascinated me for a long time now. After watching “The Room” and throwing a spoon at the screen, after reading the heart-breaking “The Disaster Artist”, and finally seeing the first part of the surprisingly good Best F(r)iends Vol: 1 (2017), Wiseau is still a mystery to me.

But when the news hit that his new film “Big Shark” will be the virtuoso’s take on the horror genre, I immediately felt at home. The new teaser of the second full-length feature “leaked” during a Q&A of… you guessed it, “The Room”.

Tommy’s making his dream come true like nobody else in the industry.

tommy wiseau big shark

The exciting, new unusual motion picture of Tommy will be about a shark that terrorizes New Orleans. It sounds an awful lot like Sharknado franchise, but given the craftsmanship of Tommy behind the camera, there has to be a Mark hidden somewhere there. Naturally, the film will also star Greg Sestero.

According to Bloody Disgusting,

The teaser starts off with Patrick, played by Tommy Wiseau, who introduces his friends Tim (Isaiah LaBorde) and Georgie (Greg Sestero) to two women at a restaurant. In the next scene one of the women calls Sestero’s character a jerk and both slap him. His buddies laugh at him and he laughs it off. In the following scene they are walking back to their car when they see water at their feet running through the streets. After a cut they are already up to their hips in the water and in the background a large badly animated shark consumes its victim. After that the shark goes for the trio and they try to run away. The title card comes on, after which the shot of the CG shark swimming towards the camera and snapping is repeated multiple times.

Yeah, sounds like we’re about to have a lovely end of 2019 (the premiere is set for September, even though the film isn’t even in pre-production).

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