midsommar (2019) trailer

New Trailer Of Ari Aster’s Midsommar (2019) Looks Totally Wicked

The upcoming, second feature of Ari Aster has recently landed a brand new trailer. Chills down your spine are guaranteed.

Following up the highly successful “Hereditary”, Ari Aster strikes once again.

His newest film “Midsommar” will follow Dani (Florence Pugh), who travels to a folk festival in Sweden, along with her boyfriend and his friends. The festivities are all about flowers and happiness – all the way until the festivities take a grim turn.

midsommar (2019)  trailer
Me in the cinema during the premiere of “Midsommar”.

The hype’s incredible, but the director spices it up. In one of the interviews, Ari Aster commented that “Midsommar” will remind of “The Wizard of Oz”, but through acid-fueled, perverted glasses.

The trailer that A24 dropped only a day ago (you’ll find it below) keeps the film’s momentum going, sustaining the eerie mystery about the insanity that Aster’s prepping.

One thing is certain – “Hereditary” wasn’t just a randomly great movie guys. In the new trailer of “Midsommar” Ari Aster shows off his camerawork skills again – whether it’s a stuffy peek into Dani crying in the toilet or a shot of cult acolites, swirling in a harrowing ritual, the cinematography looks breathtaking.

What also attracts attention is how the trailer avoids revealing too much of the plot. With the recent script leak that turned some reddit users red and other left amazed (finding spoilers in a few threads), you could already get a taste of Aster’s wicked horror or wait until the festivities begin.

midsommar (2019) poster and Midsommar trailer
A fragment of an eerie new poster of “Midsommar”.

Given that the premise of “Midsommar” is pretty basic, it’s great that the trailer reveals so little. As murky as it is, it will probably be the unveiled insanity of the cult that’s the source of dread in “Midsommar”. A clearly traumatizing development of events in the film is hinted by a bear with its cage ripped open, as well as the montage that recycles breathing and shouts into the ominous soundtrack. It’s going to be as bonkers as we all hope.

Take a look at the trailer below. What are your thoughts? Share your expectations concerning “Midsommar” in the comments.

Official trailer of “Midsummer” by Ari Aster. Posted by A24.

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