The Joker In The Room – Wiseau Serious?

Tommy Wiseau as a Joker? Check the video to see this crazy theory in real life.

The Internet has recently heard plenty of stories concerning the origin story of the Joker.

For the most part, we have been delighted to hear Joaquin Phoenix is going to play the Clown Prince Of Crime.

However, there’s some solid competition in the person of…

Tommy Wiseau, the director of “The Room”.

This video below shows some disturbingly convincing acting by Tommy.

I was blown away by the fact that at 0:31, Tommy’s character from “The Room” sneaks into his interpretation of the Joker.Although too much of his lines were shouted out loud, there’s some seriously good bits in this short clip.

I never thought that I’d say that, but here it is – Tommy Wiseau would make a pretty interesting Joker. I would definitely like to hear the line “Oh hai Batman”, quickly followed by “You’re tearing me apart, Harley!”.

What are your thoughts?

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