Childs Play (2019) Cultural Hater

The Insanely Creative Posters Of Child’s Play (2019)

Orion Pictures, the company which released “Child’s Play” earlier this month, made some seriously stunning work in terms of the film’s posters.

“Child’s Play” is the newest addition to the series about a murderous doll called Chucky. The 2019 version brought a fresh idea to the table where it traded a viscious killer trapped inside the doll for a cloud-based app that’s connected to the toy. While many critics hated the idea and called “Child’s Play” uninventive and poorly executed, the marketing campaign related to the film is everything but these two.

Poster of Child’s Play (2019)

The posters made fantastic references to some other, well-known franchise – “Toy Story”. The reason for that is the premiere of “Toy Story 4”, which was planned just next to “Child’s Play”.

This created a tremendous opportunity to link those two movies together.

The result is a brilliant series of posters that turn beloved Pixar characters into Chucky’s victims. The instantly viral poster included Woody:

Woody - Toy Story x Child's Play poster 2019 Cultural Hater

Then other characters from “Toy Story” were added to the gallery.

Rex, the insecure dinosaur, had his back deep-fried:

Dinosaur - Toy Story x Child's Play poster 2019 Cultural Hater

Nothing brighter happened to Buzz Lightyear, whose helmet with dripping blood is seen next to his foot:

Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story x Child's Play poster 2019 Cultural Hater

Hamm, the grumpy pig, was smashed with a hammer (and it doesn’t look pretty):

Piggy - Toy Story x Child's Play poster 2019 Cultural Hater

Chucky got his hands on Slinky Dog as well.

Slinky Dog - Childs Play x Toy Story in Cultural Hater

“Child’s Play” went on with the insanely creative posters.

Once the movie got released, the company made another brilliant reference to a direct competition of “Child’s Play” – “Annabelle Comes Home”. The movie, set in the universe of “The Conjuring”, tells the story of another creepy doll who works like a beacon for many other malevolent creatures.

And as the last poster proves, it seems like Annabelle brought the wrong guy to the neighbourhood this time.

Annabelle Comes Home x Chcuky poster

What do you think about “Child’s Play”? Did you like it? Feel free to comment!

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