Spanish Cinema In Poland!

March will be a great opportunity to discover the treasures of the Spanish cinema.

From 15th to 22nd of March, the Spanish cinema will visit several cities and theatres across Poland. I decided to go through the lineup of the festival and see, which movies deserve some special treatment.


One of the best offerings in the lineup is “El Bar” by Alex De Iglesia. The film holds a great premise that brings Quentin Tarantino’s “From Dusk Till Dawn” to mind. Few people are locked in the titular bar. The circumstances force them to cooperate, albeit they seem to share nothing in common. On the contrary, they are more often than not on the opposite side of the fence. It’s a witty movie that offers a lot of fun deriving from the twist-packed script.


I was also pleased to see that the lovely, peculiar “Pieles” made the cut. Directed by Eduardo Casanova, the film is basically a fairytale about human appearance. The film is set in a odd world in pastel violets and pink shades. The characters are sharp, whilst the whole film is a beautifully done masterpiece of weirdness.

It will surely stir some discussion after the screening.


There’s also a new entry from the director of “REC, Paco Plaza.

“Veronica” depicts the real story of the titular girl, who participates in a spiritual session. It’s a chilling frightfest, definitely recommended for the fans of horrors.

Apart from my favorite picks, there’s plenty of other titles in the lineup of this edition of the festival. They include: Handia (holding a prestigious Special Jury Award from MFF San Sebastian), Verano 1993 (the Spanish Oscar candidate of 2018), El Autor (which was shown at the TIFF in 2017).

Visit the official website of the Spanish Films Week to see more. And prepare for Spanish movies on Cultural Hater as well.




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