SNL Is Back In The Game Of “Black Jeopardy” With Chadwick Boseman

When it comes to the parodies of game shows, SNL is always killin this ****.

Following the insane marketing campaign of “Black Panther”, Chadwick Boseman was invited to host the SNL.

He reprised the role of T’Challa from the Marvel blockbuster in a skit called “Black Jeopardy”. Based on the famous American game show, this mildly racist version is absolutely hilarious.

The skit is obviously pointing at the specific language used in the stereotypical black communities. The three contestants choose from categories like “aw hell naw”, “grown ass” and – the classic choice in every “Black Jeopardy” version – “white people”. Listening to Leslie Jones and Chris Redd is honey to my ears.

Keenan Thompson is obviously rocking with his comments and I gotta say that the entire cast in this skit had me laughing.The writing is perfect, with every next question beating the previous in its absurdity.

And she (white woman) would probably add something unnecessary, like raisins?” – asks Chadwick Boseman by the end of the sketch, with the priceless follow-up reaction of the host “I know, right?“.

Or “you can’t bill what’s not there, ask Wesley Snipes“. Man, this is gold.

This is what I love SNL for.


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