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Watch The Trailer Of Possessor (2020) – Brandon Cronenberg’s Body Horror

Brandon Cronenberg debuted the trailer of Possessor (2020) – a trippy, cyberpunk-themed body horror that premiered earlier this year.

Earlier this year, the Sundance Film Festival hosted the premiere of Possessor (2020) – the second film of Brandon Cronenberg. That name is no coincidence, and given David Cronenberg’s infamous The Fly (1986) – a movie many consider to be an opus magnum among body horrors – expectations were high when it came to Brandon’s Possessor (2020).

The film met with mostly favorable reviews, and it currently holds a solid 93% on Rotten Tomatoes (as of 27th of July 2020). That’s a fairly better score in comparison with Cronenberg’s debut Antiviral (2012), which ended its run with 66%.

When it comes to Possessor (2020), many reviewers praised Brandon Cronenberg’s keen eye for stimulating, psychotropic visuals, and the nightmarish atmosphere that’s fueled by two great performances from Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott. The concept of hijacking someone’s mind seemed to also buy a lot of fans among Sundance moviegoers.

The above indicates that Cronenberg’s film is worth the wait, and we were right at Cultural Hater to call it one of the most expected films of 2020.

Possessor (2020) – what is it about?


Possessor (2020) follows Tasya Vos (played by Andrea Riseborough), an agent working for a top-secret agency that uses brain implants to control other people’s bodies. Through this high-tech tool, the agents turn their assets into remotely controlled assassins. Vos is one of the top operators, however she accidentally inhabits a man whose ferocious, primordial nature becomes a danger to herself.

Given the whole body-snatching concept, Brandon Cronenberg continues the tradition of his bloodline. Much of the horror in Possessor (2020) revolves around mutilated bodies and minds too.

Take a look at the trailer below to get a sweetly confusing sneak peek into the deliriously bizarre Possessor (2020):

You can also listen to a 10-minutes long chat with Brandon Cronenberg, Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott below.

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