Oscar Nominees Reimagined In Rather Extraordinary Versions

Trust me, you want to see the child version of “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

The ash is slowly falling. The battle is over. The Oscars are behind us.

Nonetheless, there’s one family and one website that puts all of these previous things in shadow. Don’t Call Me Oscar is a phenomenal initiative. The most iconic shots of all of the Oscar nominees of the particular season are reinvented. How?`

By children, who step in the shoes of the adult actors.

Take a look at the photos below to see what I’m talking about.

“The Revenant” in the most fearsome version out there. Fluffy and stoic.


Matt Damon decades ago?


Mad Max: Fury Road – isn’t it the cutest thing ever? <3


That hair and that diaper makes it perfect.

Here are my favorite reinventions of 2018’s nominees.



Visit the official website of the beloved Don’t Call Me Oscar squad.

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