Is Robert Pattinson The New Batman?

From “Twilight”, through indie darlings and to becoming… Batman. This Friday is all about Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson has been announced today as the main candidate to inherit the cape after Ben Affleck. After DC Studio and Warner Bros didn’t come to an agreement with Affleck (who was, by the way, a pretty decent Bruce Wayne), the new Batman movie was a rather flickering light in a long, dark tunnel.

However, Matt Reeves’ upcoming film has found its Caped Crusader, and is set to be premiered in 2020. The new Batman is (99% sure) Robert Pattinson.

robert Pattinson as batman

Pattinson as Batman sounds a bit out-of-the-picture, mainly considering his recent love for great indie movies. His recent darlings – including “Good Time”, which brought him a nom for an Independent Spirit Award and “High Life” – were his acting spectacles. However, Pattinson has been gone from big-studio productions for some time now (and given his new “Lighthouse” horror it seems he’s really into the indie stuff).

There is no clear information concerning the new story that the new Batman film will follow. Some theories pointed toward “Hush”, known to be one of the best, most compelling (and so far not turned into any film or series) Batman comic book.

Warner Bros & DC won’t follow the same pattern as Marvel – Reeves’ film won’t fit in a bigger scheme. Instead, the studio gives Reeves and his team plenty of time to work on the film.

DC Studio-based movies bounced back from the bottom with “Shazam!”, which was given raving reviews and still didn’t conclude its theatrical run. There is also the super-interesting “Joker” that’s soon in the cinemas. There is also plenty of DC movies planned for next couple of years, apart from the Batman one.

What’s your take on Robert Pattinson as Batman? Who would you like to see as Bruce Wayne?

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