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Is Joel Edgerton’s New Film Called “Boy Erased” An Oscar Bait?

The director of “The Gift” and a prolific actor turns to a topic, which can bring him his first Oscar nomination.

Did you see the “The Gift”? If not, then you definitely should see it somewhere online. It was the directing debut of Joel Edgerton and one of the most surprisingly refreshing thrillers in 2015.

Unfortunately, “The Gift” wasn’t the award-season darling, although Edgerton’s role as a creepy stalker deserved more appreciation. This year, the actor-turned-director tries again, but with an entirely different topic.

“Boy Erased” will be a tale about a Baptist family, whose son is gay. As a way to counteract his “sickness”, the loving family sends the boy to a convalescence – a church-supported gay conversion program. The film stars Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and even Xavier Dolan.

It might be an ordinary Oscar bait, but the talent accumulated on one set is outstanding. If Edgerton will carry the weight of this film, he will definitely gain a loyal fan in me.

The film is planned to be released in the so-called awards season, 2nd of November.

See the trailer below.

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