Graveyard is back and it f**** rocks!

If you are not familiar with this band’s name, you better get down to listening.

The best thing to happen in rock music in decades“.

Even if you thought about Nickelback, it’s not the case here.

I have stumbled upon Graveyard around two years ago. The first discovery was “Siren”. The bluesy guitar caught my attention, the lyrics that started to remind the storytelling from “Hotel California” – all sounded to good to be true. I just closed my eyes and imagined what the lyrics sketched.

But once the chorus kicked in and Joakim Nilsson’s raspy voice resonated with so much power, I was overjoyed. If you have ever looked for a modern band, which sounds like early Led Zeppelin, then early Graveyard is for you. 

Check out the amazing live version of “The Siren”.

I obviously listened to more of their songs – “Uncomfortably Numb” and “Hisingen Blues” were another gems, which quickly made my favorite lists. I jumped to older albums of the band (they were formed in 2006) – it was more raw, more grungy and crazy. But the change of style was not drastic and formed a kind of natural transition.

I eventually learned about their hiatus. The perspective that I will not hear these Swedish rockfellas live didn’t appeal to me.

Fortunately, the news concerning their new album emerged somewhere last year. The band indeed started working on a new album.

Their new promo song called “Please Don’t” carries the same amount of rock “badassasness” as their much appreciated album “Hisingen Blues”. It does point to a different, more Witchcraft and heavier rock influences though. Interesting what the band will offer in the entire album.

Listen to the song below.

Graveyard has recorded 3 albums so far and – yes – you can listen to them on Spotify. If you know bands like Graveyard or want to share some views on their style, drop a comment!

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