Dear People, Stop Hating On Justice League Please

Justice League may not be DC’s best film, but the immense backlash, which took place after the premiere, was still pretty unfair.

After the shameful last year – when DC delivered a plotless pulp full of bad-gone-good antiheroes in “Suicide Squad” and deepened its own crisis with the totally disappointing “Batman versus Superman” – 2017 has begun with a ground-shaking stomp of “Wonder Woman”.

“Justice League” kicks things off where “Batman versus Superman” has left. The world is shaken to its core after losing the alien superhero, whilst Batman and Wonder Woman prepare for the arrival of a new danger, far more dangerous than Darkseid. To fight off the villain named Steppenwolf – a semi-God, whose also known as the conqueror of the worlds – they team up with several other superheroes: Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash.

The biggest issue with “Batman versus Superman” was its junk piece of a script, that plummeted with every second to reach an absolute trash level. On top of that, the film lacked any kind of humor, which made the whole effort not only lackluster, but also intolerably tiring. It felt like heavy stomach after eating an undercooked meal in a fancy restaurant. It doesn’t matter that the restaurant was fancy, if the meal was garbage and left no pleasant feelings.


Zack Snyder Is Not To Blame – Apparently

The studio decided that Zack Snyder was not to blame for the calamity that “Batman versus Superman” was. As a result, he helmed the direction of “Justice League” too. However, Snyder learnt on his previous flops. The first thing that catches attention is the plot that actually makes sense. The story flows almost naturally and the audience is not left with tons of leads that seem to vanish in the void. Though Snyder sacrificed it at the cost of childish simplicity, it’s defensible – especially considering that “Justice League” represents the superhero kind of blockbuster.

Lots of work was also put into character development, which definitely is a blueprint of “Wonder Woman”. The five heroes are all likeable and characteristic, which is on par with “Avengers” – the kind of reference point when speaking of superhero ensemble stuff. The head of the operation is obviously Batman. And Batffleck is an interesting take on Bruce Wayne, a more emotionally turmoiled and troubled one for sure. Even though Affleck doesn’t leave his “sad face” trademark behind, it ends up as a convincing portrayal of the rich vigilante.

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