Deadpool 2 Kicks Ass In The Early Screenings

Brace yourselves – Ryan Reynolds is coming back with his foul-mouthed superhero, whose face looks like scrotum.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the film’s early screenings received very solid remarks. Even better than the original first installment in the series. The exact score is 98 points, which bested the first “Deadpool” movie from 2016.

The test screenings were conducted in Dallas. “Deadpool 2” underwent some reshoots too, to make it more appealing to the audiences’ suggestions.

Interestingly, the film is also planned to be screened in China, during the Beijing International Film Festival. It’s a novelty, because the movie from 2016 did not make the cut in the quota. It might also mean that the distribution of “Deadpool 2” will target the Chinese market.

The film will bring back Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, as well as – among others – Morena Baccarin and TJ Miller. This time, the superhero will face Cable, played by Josh Brolin. There’s a rumor concerning a secret cameo, but we will probably need to wait until the premiere to find out about the details.

And here’s a presentation of Brolin’s hefty, havoc-spraying villain.

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