Bill Hader, James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain will star in “It 2”

 The major clown feature has been given a stellar cast.

“It” has quickly gained a status of a classic horror movie. The reception was great among both critics and viewers worldwide. The film has been a bomb in the box office, gaining $327 million domestically.

The story of the killer clown Pennywise was left with an obvious room for a sequel. Even the early drafts – when Joji Fukunaga was attached to the project – included a span of more than one film.

However, the immense success of the film has met with a budget injection. The second instalment in the possible “It” franchise will feature Bill Hader, James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain. All of the actors will play the characters known from the “It” by Andy Muschietti from 2017.

Chastain will star as Beverly, the grown-up redhead and protagonist of the film. Hader’s character is Richie Tozier, whilst McAvoy will star as Bill Denbrough. Bill Skarsgård will be back as the blood-curdling clown from hell, Pennywise.

We are waiting for more details of “It” sequel.

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