Big Mouth: My Furry Valentine

Big Mouth: My Furry Valentine (2019) Will Save Your February Nightmare

Nick Kroll’s Animated series “Big Mouth” offers a brilliant look at the kitschiness of the Lover’s Day in its special episode “Big Mouth: My Furry Valentine”.

There are people, who find the ubiquitous presence of red and pink, along with the cute winged cupids and cinemas packed with turned-on teenagers somehow charming.

Big Mouth: My Furry Valentine

Then, there are the creators of “Big Mouth”, who celebrate The Valentine’s Day with their special, 40-minutes long episode entitled “Big Mouth: My Furry Valentine”.

“My Furry Valentine” uses all of the well-established characters from the previous seasons in the game of love on the 14th of February. It serves the best Valentine’s Day song in existence, Jay becoming “The Ultimate Fuck Machine” (Jay is boy who lost virginity to a talking pillow) and a cross-section look at all types of people during the 14th of February.

In less than an hour of run-time, the episode neatly exposes Valentine’s Day as the forced-out love festivity, which pushes people to go extra miles to show they care. However, in its obvious criticism, “My Furry Valentine” echoes with enough power to embrace the Lover’s Day, even with its obvious flaws.

What’s the whole series “Big Mouth” about?

The show, with already 2 seasons done and the third one airing this year, is a successful Netflix Original, gracefully continuing the hot streak of brilliant animated stuff made for the streaming platform.

Essentially, “Big Mouth” is a series about kids entering the magical realm of puberty. Each kid is guided by its hormone monster – fluffy, hot-headed monsters with phallic noses and screechy voices. These creatures are responsible for all the dramas of the youth- rebelling against parents, wet dreaming and seeing the body transform.

Big Mouth: My Furry Valentine

I didn’t have the chance to write more about “Big Mouth” on Cultural Hater yet, but while I’m planning to do that, let me briefly say how awesome it is. The series flawlessly delivers a cross between an in-depth throwback to being a kid (and facing all the school challenges), with a genuinely hilarious sense of humor (if not a dirty kind though). “Big Mouth” turns the teenage traumas into an all-sex-things fest, spreads glitter on it and breaks a great deal of taboos – these things at once.

I’d dare to say that the special episode is fun even for those entirely new to the concept of the show. If you’re brain is turned off by glitter on gift cards and candle-lit restaurants full of soon-to-be or we-have-to-do-this couples, do yourself (and your partner) a favor – watch “Big Mouth”.

The entire episode is available on Netflix.

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