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30 Best Minimalist Movie Posters

The creme de la creme of the minimalist movie posters.

Minimalism is essentially a design philosophy, which started in the late 70s in the U.S. The main idea of it is to get rid of all the unnecessary details and overly complex elements.

I’m a huge fan of minimalism incorporated in movie poster design. There is an unspeakable power in the way the most basic pictograms and symbols speak to your mind and tell the story of the particular film.

The first such concept I saw was the poster of “Clockwork Orange”, with nothing else but the contour of Alex’s hat. Took me a while to dig it, but it eventually grew on me. Years after, I find these minimalist movie posters absolutely terrific.

The minimalist movie posters in this gallery are my favorite graphics that I have found on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Some of these works include posters made by the Dutch artist Chungkong, as well as Eder Rengifo, Hexagonall, Patrik Svensson, – I wholeheartedly encourage you to check these guys’ works. They are all pretty amazing.

There isn’t any particular order here – each one is unique and cool in its own manner!

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