best movies of 2018 cultural hater ranking

Cultural Hater’s Guide To The Best Films Of 2018

Top Five Movies Of 2018

best movies of 2018 roma

#5 Roma

Dir. Alfonso Cuaron

Genre: drama

Plot: Following a maid working for an upper-class Mexican family, “Roma” explores the disparities present in the Mexican society in the early 70s.

Alfonso Cuaron’s masterpiece is the most profound visual experience of the year. Almost every shot in “Roma” is a painting on its own, vivid and beautiful. It’s two hours of the most exquisite camerawork of the year.

Setting aside the visual perfection, “Roma” is also an in-depth look into the Mexican society, with all of its colors and noisiness and political instability. Despite the fact that it’s a black and white film, Alfonso Cuaron’s newest film is brighter than most of this year’s offerings.

best movies of 2018 cultural hater ranking

#4 Blindspotting

Dir. Carlos Lopez Estrada

Genre: drama/comedy

Plot: Two friends, living in the outskirts of Oakland, deal with their everyday struggles. 

Hardly ever does an independent film find so much courage to mix comedy and drama, at the same calling for a serious discussion. “Blindspotting” does exactly that. It’s an incredibly powerful film, where from-the-hood humour meets serious issues relating to the American gun law and the hardship of being labeled as the society’s margin.

On top of that comes the unbelievable truth that a film of such power and prowess is a result of work of more than debutant – both behind and in front of the camera.

best movies of 2018 cultural hater

#3 Burning

Dir. Chang-dong Lee

Genre: Thriller / Psychological drama

Plot: Three people are brought together in a strange, coincidental chain of events. Each one of them hides a mystery and soon begin impacting the life of the other two.

“Burning” is this kind of slow-burner that will probably tire most of the viewers. But I was personally immersed entirely in the story of Chang-dong Lee and see the gruesome, twisted beauty of it.

Chang-dong Lee mixes genres fluently – “Burning” is a gripping thriller, it’s a social drama. The director patiently saturates the characters with layers of psychological profiling, dresses them in philosophy and turns all three of them into essential parts of a captivating film.

best ovies of 2018 ranking of cultural hater

#2 Sorry To Bother You

Dir. Boots Riley

Genre: Surreal drama

Plot: Cassius Green is a lowlife, who barely makes ends meet. One day, he learns about a secret white voice, which allows him to quickly get promoted as a phone marketer and join the ranks of the corporate swine.

As I wrote in my review, “Sorry To Bother You” is one of the pinnacles of indie cinema in 2018. You could easily divide Boots Riley’s flabbergasting style among a few more directors. “Sorry To Bother You” is crazy as a concept and consecutively executes its craziness and oddity, hence creating a truly unique experience for the viewer.

The movie’s star-studded cast does a marvelous job too. Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Armie Hammer, Jermaine Fowler – all in their elements in the frivolous narrative of Riley.

best movies of 2018 cultural hater blackkklansman

#1 BlacKkKlansman

Dir. Spike Lee

Genre: Crime drama / comedy

Plot: The film depicts the real investigation of the Ku Klux Klan, where two police officers tried to invigilate the organisation from the inside.

Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman” is a thrilling crime/cop drama and an outstanding amount of pure cinematic joy.

Lee has proven himself  to be a gifted filmmaker many times before and “BlacKkKlansman” belongs to one of his best works to date. The cast – mostly pointing to Washington and Jasper Paakonen – bites the roles hard enough to keep you at the edge of your seat, while the amount of style (achieved by a blend of score, cinematography and pace of the narrative) reminds of a fine piece of architecture, where every detail matters and is essential for the construction’s stability.


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    1. Hey Martin,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Concerning your question – I don’t think that any film needs violence to make a point. Hence, I don’t think that using violence is the foundation of a good film.

      Having said that, “House That Jack Built” needs being graphic to make contrast. It’s bold and pushes boundaries. It made me highly uncomfortable, but that’s exactly what causes it to be interesting. It’s not a pleasant viewing – it is supposed to be a challenge, a disturbing look at a sick mind doing sick things.

      Hope that clarifies it a bit!

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