Andrew Calaghan produces new documentary in collaboration with A24 and HBO

Channel 5’s Andrew Callaghan Will Debut With A Documentary About The January 6 Riot

Most likely the best self-made journalist in America’s history spilled the beans about the new project he’s working on with HBO and A24. Bits of the film about the Capital riots from the beginning of 2022 is part of his ongoing live tour.

No other journalist would be as much of an ace-in-the-hole type to cover, vivisect and analyze one of the pinnacles of Donald Trump’s presidential era than Andrew Callaghan.

Callaghan has been carving a name for himself among the most original modern journalists for years. Recognized for his unparalleled poker face skill, as well as the ability to level down with any interlocutor one can find in the US, the YouTuber gathered a handsome following.

It’s easy to discredit Callaghan’s work for packing mockery-based comedy into quasi-journalistic attempts. But there’s madness in his method.

Many episodes of his show – Channel 5 With Andrew Callaghan – happen at convents such as the Flat Earth Conference, and they all capture a fraction of how fragmented and odd Americans view. Where the vast majority of interviewees would burst out laughing or get pissed off due to the amount of crap they’re forced to hear, Callaghan manages to get them to rap about flat earth…

Open up about their bullying traumas amid the most bizarre theories about testicle beating (unfortunately the video is age-restricted)…

And capture the essence of the pandemic times during Spring Break.

The documentary will be produced by Callaghan, backed by HBO and A24. It’s a sweet combination, for HBO still holds most of their productions on high-quality levels, meanwhile, A24 cherrypicks the most curious projects out there.

Among the film producers are also Jonah Hill and comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.

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