5 Worst Films Of 2018 – So Far

2018 is definitely a year of celebration of the worst films made by Netflix. Let’s take a look at some of the worst films that we could enjoy so far.

Contrary to many viewers, I like to watch bad movies. There is some sort of heart-warming childishness in their structure that I find adorable.

However, there are also bad movies, which are not enjoyable in any way. The current pioneer in that field this year is Netflix. 3 out of 5 movies appearing on this list were made by the streaming platform. Which is not a good sign, is it?

#5 Winchester

Some actors seem to be taking roles, which are equal to spitting on their entire careers. Nobody will ever top Al Pacino being cast in “Jack & Jill”, but Helen Mirren in “Winchester” was pretty close.

“Winchester” is not particularly terrible in any of the aspects. It’s just a painfully generic horror mashup of ideas we all know too well. Apart from that, it’s sad to watch mrs. Mirren in such an effortlessly, straight-to-vod film.

#4 The Cloverfield Paradox

The first Netflix entry on the list. There are franchises, that we are totally excited to see being expanded. It used to be Star Wars, for me personally it’s M. Night Shyamaln’s universe after “Split”.

I will never understand the excitement surrounding “Cloverfield” though. The first installment in this quasi-universe was a mediocre movie, which offered one exciting novelty (the shaky camera introduced in the sci-fi). The second was a trippy, but extremely well-acted and climatic “10 Cloverfield Lane”.

The newest addition tried to gap the two previous films by making a low-budget, badly performed caricature of Ridley Scott’s “Alien”. The whole film asphyxiated the viewer on a space vessel, with a bunch of actors, who are aimlessly trying to earn their money. It’s a horrid film, where clueless script meets equally clueless director. Ugh.

#3 The Hurricane Heist

I’m wondering how the hell did this film find a green light to be made. Or even earlier – how did the four people responsible for the script came up with that idea?

Let’s make a heist film. No, it’s cliche. Let’s add some more drama. Maybe a HURRICANE will do the trick?

Either way, it’s – surprisingly – very bad. Very, very bad.

#2 The Titan

Netflix has had a colossal downfall this year. “The Titan” is just another title, which was supposedly a way to step up the sci-fi game. And just like any other effort by the streaming giant, it was terrible.

“The Titan” is about a special facility, where scientists try to create a super human. The Earth is no longer fit to accommodate people and humanity seeks for a new place to live. The super human is therefore supposed to survive on a newly discovered planet called Titan.

The pain comes from the fact that “The Titan” is completely, inadvertently futile. Scenes go one by one like a Powerpoint presentation, but you can’t help but not care. Much of that futility comes from the shapeless acting by Sam Worthington, but even the greatest actor wouldn’t convince me not to hate this film.

#1 Mute

Poor Duncan Jones. When he started his career by directing “Moon”, sci-fi fans were overjoyed. His next feature film “Source Code” was pretty acceptable, mostly thanks to the original concept and Jake Gyllenhaal charm.

However, the more money Jones was given, the less entertaining his films were. I personally didn’t hate “Warcraft: The Beginning” as most of the critics did, but I could see its flaws. Still, the film was enjoyable.

“Mute” is on another level of being bad. You could call it a disruption in the business of bad films. The film is literally about a mute guy (the reasons why he is mute are lost in the translation), whose girlfriend disappears. And so he walks from place to place, occasionally beats someone or gets beaten. There is also a second subplot, where two guys try to flee to the U.S. you guessed it – their reasons are equally blurry.

The film is just a huge mess. Most of the scenes are barely connected, the setting is ripped off from “Blade Runner 2049” and the script is divided into two parts that beg to be somehow (at least somehow) related to each other.

There is also an unforgettable take on a pedophile played by Justin Theroux.

Absolute, utter garbage and a well-deserved place on top.

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