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12 Hilariously Gore Horror Movies

Because some horror films are so ridiculously bloody that we can’t take them seriously.

Gore is one of those sub-genre of horror, which came to existence quite late. While 40s, 50s and 60s were all times of monster movies, the late 70s, glorious 80s and modern horror is when gore took over.

In general, gore could be understood as everything, which requires tons of prosthetic limbs cut off, graphic violence and liters of artificial blood. It’s supposed to be exaggerated in its brutality, hence the more hideous it looks, the more fun its audience have. If it sounds creepy to you, then proceed to the list below at your own risk.

Psst. The videos below each movie can contain spoilers!

Dead Snow

Ah, the Norwegian classic. “Dead Snow” (often referred to as “Zombie SS”) is a truly cult slasher. Set in the snowy mountains, the film tells the story of few friends, who rent a cabin in the woods. They find a treasure, which also happens to wake the dead nazis, buried in the mountains. The over-the-top character of the film could be disastrous, but the director Tommy Wirkola has turned this ridiculous idea into a fairly entertaining, well executed gorefest.

The House of 1000 Corpses

Rob Zombie is a figure, which doesn’t bring people together. In fact, he’s either hated or loved (with the latter constituting a minority). Some of his films are extremely dumb and are simply unwatchable (“The Devil’s Rejects”), but “The House Of 1000 Corpses” is a classic. The sadistic Firefly family’s first movie is as sick as one can imagine, with people turned into fish and killed in extremely brutal ways. However, the gore is so extreme that it does become a caricature at some point.

Dead Alive

Before Peter Jackson made a fortune by adapting J.R.R Tolkien’s opus magnum, he started his career with a few sweetly unnerving horror comedies. The first one was “Bad Taste”, and while it’s a notable offering from the islander, it’s “Dead Alive” that really questions the durability of your stomach.


An alien lands on Earth and as it usually goes – it doesn’t end well for the humanity. In the case of “Slither”, its victims turn into a monstrosity of some sort, with human tissue turning into a disgusting pulp, reminding of “Society” by Brian Yuzna. “Slither” has its glorious gore moments, but don’t worry – it’s so far-fetched that you will can’t help laughing.

Blood Diner

A much less known film than the majority of the titles here, “Blood Diner” is a trashy gore film from 1987. Here’s the description from imdb –¬†Two cannibalistic brothers kill various young women to use their flesh in their new special dish at their rundown restaurant, while seeking blood sacrifices to awaken a dormant Egyptian goddess. So, yeah – cannibals, lots of naked women and the weirdest finale in an 80s horror I recall.

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“Rubber” is used in a countless number of horror lists, as it is a profound example of how a ridiculous idea can be forged into a relatively good movie. It’s completely out of the blue – a wheel is possessed by a demon, which steers it to kill everything it sees. If you expect that every kill will be a person ran over, then your imagination is no match to what the creators “Rubber” had up their sleeves.

Green Inferno

Eli Roth happens to be a director, whose undeniable love for kitsch brings him a lot of down voting reviews. “Green Inferno” is one of his worst movies, but it’s truly special in its own weird way. There is a bit of bashing the green freaks, there is a tribute to “Cannibal Holocaust”, an inspiration from “Apocalypto” and a whole lot of other mess going on here. But on top of that all, there is the absolutely charming crapfest, each time someone dies. And that, my friend, happens a lot in “Green Inferno”.

Cabin In The Woods

“Cabin In The Woods” is arguably one of the finest, most imaginative horror movies in the 21st century. The film uses a fantastic premise and its finale is nothing short of a huge “WTF just happened”. Apart from that, it is also quite violent.

Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell’s peak of fame has come round after “Army of Darkness” premiered, but “Evil Dead” is his true acting masterpiece. Sam Raimi’s film stars Campbell in one of the most abruptly violent, bloody, bone-crashing and brain-splashing horror in history.

100 Bloody Acres

What could go wrong in a film about jackass farmers in Australia, who also happen to be blood-loving killers? Probably a lot. “100 Blood Acres” mixes comedy with gore quite well, with farming equipment not falling behind any other torture-bringing tools.

Piranha 3D

David Hasselhoff tried to save people from piranhas. Although he didn’t succeed, this film is pure gold. It’s cringeworthy to an absurd level, campy and full of attractive female bodies. What a set.

Every “Wrong Turn” movie

“Wrong Turn” is probably the dumbest horror series, with each consecutive instalment topping the moronity of its predecessor. However, setting aside its values and script, the entire series is filled with hilarious gore. The half-wit mutant rednecks are quite creative executioners – it is actually fascinating how retarded they happen to be and how creative they get at killing.

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