10 Horror Movies To Look Forward To In 2018

There is quite a lot of films, which can attract the attention of a true horror film buff.

Although the beginning of the year was rather downward-sloping (“Cloverfield Paradox” came out as a major Netflix bummer, whilst “The Strangers: Prey At Night” was a complete disaster) we should lighten up. Horror genre is not dead, which was most recently proved by “The Ritual”.

Here’s my list of 10 films that I hope will rock the screens in 2018.

#10 Slender Man

A creepy figure, appearing out of nowhere, can give you nightmares. When you add unnaturally long arms and an urban legend to the equation, the creepiness intensifies.

This film was in production for years now, but it seems like it’s finally done and ready to serve us. If the execution will be good, we can all hope to see a pretty solid horror movie.

#9 Truth Or Dare

Although it might seem like a silly flick, “Truth Or Dare” might actually be a fresh breeze. The story will follow a college student, who plays the titular truth or dare challenge at a party. As a consequence, she gets mixed up in a series of supernatural events.

Read the review of Truth or Dare (2018) here.

#8 Terrifier

I hate clowns, more than anything else.

After last year’s success of “It”, we will see the rise of another clown killer. This fella firstly appeared in a horror anthology called “All Hallow’s Eve”. And it seems that the audiences liked him quite a lot, because “Terrifier” tells this clown’s own story.

“Terrifier” will probably be a slasher-type throwback to the 80s. A few beers might be required during the screening.

Read the review of “Terrifier” here.

#7 Seven Years Of Night

This Korean indie horror gem follows a man, whose daughter is brutally murdered. Her death awakes some strange forces, which are about to haunt the people responsible for her doom.

“Seven Years Of Night” might be this year’s “Wailing” from 2016. The storyline looks like a solid mix of crime thriller and horror. A formula, which often brings great results.

#6 Pyewacket

In the recent years, there was a plenty of horrors, which drew inspiration from death metal music. “Deathgasm” and “The Devil’s Candy” were the most prominent examples.

“Pyewacket” revives the idea. It tells a story of rebel teenagers, who get interested in occultism. As it usually happens, it’s not a good idea.

The film already had its premiere at the TIFF last year.

#5 Ghost Stories

Martin Freeman (“The Hobbit”) and Alex Lawther (End Of The Fucking World”) are enough to bring my attention.

Arch skeptic (whatever it means) Professor Goodman is on a crusade to resolve three mysterious crimes. They are strongly connected with some paranormal hauntings.

Ghost stories are the core of the genre, but recent years didn’t bring much to cherish. Let’s hope that this British flick will change the tides.

#4 The Heretics

A girl is kidnapped to participate in a strange ritual in the woods. Her body begins to transform, as if something has taken over control of her body.

Woop, woop, sounds like fun.

Read the review of The Heretics (2017) here. Also, be sure to check out other awesome horror movies with occult themes.

#3 What The Water Left Behind

The Cannes Film Festival picks mostly indie drama darlings, but from time to time, it also flirts with horrors.

“What The Water Left Behind” is a cooperation between Argentina and New Zealand. The film tells a story of a group of students, who travel to the ruins in Epecuen. Their mission is to direct a documentary piece concerning this place. Soon, they learn that the place is not entirely abandoned.

#2 Hereditary

A24 doesn’t let you down.

“Hereditary” is an arthouse horror film. On one hand, it’s a story of a family breakdown, heavily marked with drama. Then, it’s “spruced up” by a fatal fate that has burdened the family for centuries.

#1 A Quiet Place

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt star in a horror film together. What’s not to wait for?

The film brings an innovative premise. In the times, when horror movies use extensive sound design and rely on it heavily, “A Quiet Place” follows people, who live in silence. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world and seems to hide some extraterrestrials up its sleeve.

I think it will be one of the best horror movies of the year.

UPDATE: Read the full review of “A Quiet Place”.

Honorable Mention:


Chance The Rapper debuts in a horror film, so it might be one of the weirdest movies this year. If you don’t believe, watch the “teaser trailer”.

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