Joker movie still with Joaquin Phoenix

Fan-Made Posters of Joker (2019) Are In!

Todd Phillips’ “Joker” hit the cinemas few days ago and fans are loving it so far. And what’s a better way to show your affection than drawing up a fan art poster of your favourite movie?

After its surprise win at the Venice Biennale earlier in September, “Joker” was set to premiere worldwide. The movie became quite a spectacle to follow in media, as it brought police officers patrolling each and every showing in the US, as well as viewers leaving cinemas in anger and baffled at the film’s graphic content.

But a vast majority loved it. And if you want a proof, consider this – it sky rocketed to reach 9th position in IMDB’s “best of all time” ranking, scoring an incredible 9.1 with almost 120.000 votes.

joker ranked 9th on the best of all time on imdb

Initial critics response was also positive, but as you can see above, flocks of skeptics decided to throw in their thoughts too.

All these differences and media buzz say one thing about Todd Phillips’ movie – it’s the most divisive film of 2019. But let’s leave the critics and numbers aside and look at how “Joker” inspired fans to create some of the best posters of the year.

Best fan-made posters of Joker (2019)

Fans often celebrate their favourite movies with making art drawings and graphics. And a particularly popular trend is creating fan-made movie posters.

Let’s first look at the official posters used in “Joker” promotional campaign.

joker original distribution poster
Original “Joker” poster starring Joaquin Phoenix.

You could also see quite frequently this one below.

joker official poster

And here’s how fans interpreted “Joker” in multiple ways.

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